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  • Advantages And disadvantages Of Android Phones

    By Macken | August 27, 2016

    Android phones advantages and disadvantages

    Benefits and drawbacks of android phones

    It is very much essential to know that the android is mobile operating system which is designed on the Linux kernel and now it is being developed by Google. Android is designed for the touch screen devices like smart phones, tablets, specifically designed user interface for Android TV and android enabled vehicles. Android phones are very much prevalent in the market. Most of the people prefer android phones as these are easy to use, avails many advantages and even they are very much compatible with other devices. After the android has been launched in the market, it has a rising graph showing the success of android phones in the market. There are many types of mobile phones which are not very much compatible with other devices. Let’s say most of the market is captured by android phones. Android phones are so much prevalent as it has many advantages to offer but on a contrary it also has many disadvantages. Thus if you are thinking to opt for android phones then you must be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of android phones.

    Advantages of android phones

    Disadvantages of android phones


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    Tips To Increase Battery Life Of Your Phone

    By Roger | July 8, 2016

    Phone batteryYou might be in love with your phone and buying all the accessories like screen guard, back cover and such other things to extend its life and make sure it is protected in several circumstances. But have you ever thought about its battery? It would be no. Your phone can’t run without battery and in today’s time when people are badly addicted to their phones, staying without it for even couple of minutes due to lack of battery can be really upsetting. Thus if you don’t want to face this circumstances, its better you start caring your battery band its life. Of course you can change the battery if it’s not working properly and there are many things you can do but don’t you think prevention is always better than cure. Here are some of the tips to increase the battery life of your phone.

    For increasing the battery life of your phone, you must know what is thing which uses your battery the mist. For checking this thing, you must go to the settings and check put the level of battery consumption of each of the app you are running on your phone. All the apps will be seen in the descending order according to the battery consumption of it. If you find any app or any feature which you hardly use and if it is non-existent on your phone then also it will not affect then you must consider installing such app to increase the battery life of your phone.

    Set your various messaging apps to a manual for the refresh frequency or polling. Just have a test and you will find a sign can’t change in your battery life. This is by far one of the best way and fastest ways to increase the battery life of your phone.

    Many of the phones have this feature of extra power saving mode. It is used when your phone is running out of battery and thus turning this feature on will help you save your battery for some longer period of time and you can extend use o0f phone without having to charge it for a while. This is really a very helpful feature as many of the times your phone will be working for many of extra hours when you will having only a minute percentage of battery remaining in your phone.

    Many of the times, there are many of the apps which you are not even using are running in the background and thus they eat up much of your battery. Thus when you are not using any app, check whether they are running on the background and if yes close them down and increase battery life of your phone.

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    Features of Iphone 6s Plus

    By Roger | June 3, 2016

    features of iphone 6s plusIf you want to go for one powerful phone which supplies you with not only the features and the requirements but also with the stylish look with subservient class, than iphone 6s plus is your phone which you cannot miss to go for. We all have the fantasy of using iphone right and just imagine if it is the iphone 6s plus which is the best amongst all that? There are many features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for when you are planning for. No doubt the prices are high but it supports and provides with the best type of features of iphone 6s plus which you have never seen before. Taking from the touch to the clarity and the space issue everything is being taken care by iphone this time.

    This article will help you in getting all the knowledge regarding the features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for. For instance let me help you with some of the examples of the features of ip0hone 6s plus like the live touch, best camera resolution, more ram, etc. and many more of the features of iphone 6s plus which can help you to get more attracted towards it and using it. The further discussion will help you in getting more clear idea about the features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for.

    Features of iphone 6s plus

    Well, in accordance to my knowledge, the live photos features of iphone 6s plus is considered to be one of the most favorite. You can now not only store up your memories but you can see it any time when you want it at the very moment with the help of the live photo feature which is being added to it. Not only that but you can keep it as you wallpaper of your phone and you need to touch up the screen and here you go with the live moment which you have captured earlier.

    As stated that the features of iphone 6s plus which you have got for has come up with many of the options which you can go for exercising it. Now you can enjoy the 3D touch with also the normal touch which is being already present in your iphone. With the help of this feature you can now go for operating in a different manner which you have never did before. You can directly get start up and answer up the contact without opening the application. This feature of iphone 6s plus is very much helpful in saving up your time and getting things done on a faster path.

    How can we forget to enter up for the world famous clarity of the camera which is being provided by iphone. It provides with 12 megapixel isight camera which helps you in capturing the sharp and detailed photos. Not only that but provides you brilliant amount of clarity with all the resolution which increase up your taste towards getting and capturing more and more of your pictures in iphone 6s plus.





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    5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

    By Macken | May 15, 2015

    Mobile Safety TipsYour smart phone is a hub of your private information. Your phone is an important thing to protect from falling into the wrong hands. If you do happen to lose or damage your phone, you should have protection plans in place to guard your private information from someone that may find it.

    Lock your phone
    You might feel that locking your phone may be annoying for your daily use, but when it falls into the wrong hands you will be thankful you have it. If your phone is stolen the thief will have access to your data, photos, videos, messages, and any saved information including credit card details and passwords.

    Download trustworthy apps
    One of the great things about smart phones is that you can download many of the free and cheap apps. But it also has a drawback as it can lead you to many of the problems as apps require some access to the data stored in your phone. Some of the apps can nastily take access to the secure data of your phone. So be careful before downloading just any app. Research about it, check its reliability and then proceed to download it.

    Update when needed
    Updates take time to complete and in this fast and speedy generation it would really be irritating to tolerate this slow update process. In order to update, you typically have to be connected to wifi or be plugged into a power source. Your phone has to restart, which can also be inconvenient. Some people choose to not update their phones, but by ignoring the update reminders you are allowing your phone to be suspectible to data breaches. Keep your phone up to date with the latest operating systems provided by your phone’s developers.

    Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and wireless
    It is wise turn off the Bluetooth, wireless and GPS devices when you are not using them. Keeping them on can not only be a waste of battery and data, but they can allow access to your system through public avenues. Keep that in mind when you are connected to public WiFi and Bluetooth channels.

    Back up your data
    Not only should you worry about losing your phone to a thief or carelessness, but you can also lose your data. According to http://www.securedatarecovery.com/services/database-data-recovery this can be disastrous if you don’t have a backup system in place. There are various ways to have your data back up. You have options like dropbox, box, iCloud, skydrive, and Googledrive which can help in automating the process of synching your business files to the cloud. You are able to have access of it from any web connected device. It can also be connected to your smart phone or tablet.

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    Top 3 Android Phones Of 2014

    By cooldude | March 2, 2014

    Android phones have flooded the market and customers can literally be spending hours on the internet before deciding which android handset is the best for them. If you want to purchase a new Android phone, you can check out the following ones. These have been creating ripples in 2014.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Samsung has built on the success of Note 2 with an extra 1GB memory and twice the in-built storage thereby fitting in all the important and useful apps. Also the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad core 2300 MHz processing power offers 40% more processing power.


    • Memory – 3072 MB RAM
    • Camera Resolution – 13 megapixels
    • Built in storage/expansion – 32 GB/ expanded up to 64 GB with Micro SD

    Google Nexus 5

    The Nexus 5 has finally hit the market and that too with some serious power behind it; the 2GB RAM and Quad Core Processor have contributed to its power. This phone is a very good buy with great performance specifications and according to market pundits this handset is giving LG G2 a run for its money. The price of Google Nexus 5 is extremely reasonably and the price is one of the reasons why it beats all its competitions hands down.


    • Memory – 2048 MB RAM
    • Camera Resolution – 8 megapixels
    • Built in storage/expansion – 16GB/ not expandable

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    Though launched in the year 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is in the news for all the right reasons this year as well. The Galaxy S4 looks a little more serious than the Galaxy S3; however it has a bigger screen, more innovation and better specifications that the S3. It has a 5.0 inch full HD resolution screen, 2 GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Cortex A-15 processor.


    • Memory – 2048 MB RAM
    • Camera Resolution – 13 megapixels
    • Built in stogie/expansion – 16 GB/Expanded up to 64 GB with Micro SD

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    The Moto G

    By cooldude | February 12, 2014

    Motorola’s really been out of the cell phone business since flip phones went out of fashion, but they’re attempting to claw their way back into the competition with the Moto G. To begin with, it looks quite decent; reminiscent of the ancient (but ever so stylish) Moto Razor, the Moto G is sleek and softly curved. Weighing in at 143 grams, the Moto G feels sturdy and strong and even comes with the option of swappable back covers, you can choose from seven bright colors.

    Here are the details of the technical aspects:

    • The 4.5 inch multi screen with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels is bright and surprisingly readable in broad daylight
    • In the memory department, the Moto G is available at 8GB or 16GB with a RAM up to 1GB.
    • The OS is Android Jelly Bean which is upgradable to Kit Kat
    • It is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    • 1.3 megapixel camera
    • One minor shortcoming is the lack of micro SD slot, so any additional storage requires access to the cloud

    One cool feature about this phone is the smart design of its structure. A little bit of the plastic structure sticks out from the front layer of the glass. This protects the glass from being shattered when it is dropped. Also, the position of the phone is vulnerable and still does not let any part of the phone get dented or harmed.

    The battery life of this phone is better than the battery life of most phones in the range.
    All in all, at the price of 12,499 INR for the 8GB model, the Moto G stands a decent chance against its competitors the Samsung Galaxy Fame and the Nokia Lumia 520.

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    Review On Dell XPS 15

    By cooldude | December 28, 2013

    Dell is one of the most reputed companies that has always manufactured high-quality laptops and notebooks. The Dell XPS 15 is the recently launched laptop which has received lots of acclamation from gadget lovers belonging to the different parts of the world. However, this laptop does not have the capacity to compete efficiently with the other high-end computers that have been launched by well-known companies such as Sony, Toshiba and so on.
    It is worth mentioning that a lot of creativity has been utilized to create the design of Dell XPS 15 which is sturdy yet sleek. It has a touch screen and also a keyboard which are pleasant enough to touch. It has a screen which is around 15.6 inches and the screen provides flawless illumination. However, most of the people think that the design of Dell XPS 15 is a little bland and this notebook does not have to the capability of attracting visual interest.

    Dell XPS 15 has been designed in such a way that it can offer high speed and good connectivity. This notebook has two 3.0 USB ports, one 2.0 combo USB/eSATA ports, mini-DisplayPort, gigabit Ethernet, HDMI-out, SDHC-card writer/reader and numerous audio jacks. The only thing that the Dell XPS 15 does not have is the ExpressCard slot. Thus you cannot get additional ports to this notebook.

    The processor of Dell XPS 15 is the Intel Core i5 (3rd generation). Users have the option of changing the Intel Core i5 with Intel Core i7 as well. The memory capacity and the battery life of the Dell XPS 15 are highly impressive. The price of the Dell XPS 15 is affordable by any average user.

    If you want to own a laptop that is fast, beautifully designed, reasonably priced and has other amazing features then Dell XPS 15 should be your preferred choice.

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    An Overview On DTH Services

    By cooldude | November 28, 2013

    DTH Services happen to be highly important in the US territories as well as in the European markets. These services are indeed reigning high in the US territories as well as in the European markets. DTH Services have been widely popular in these regions. The fame as well as flourish has been phenomenal. These services are known as direct to home services. They are indeed very important. These are signal based services and they have literally changed the way people would see television. They are some kind of innovations that started in the US territories as well as in the European markets.

    DTH Services happen to introduce the concepts of satellite television in the US territories as well as in the European markets. These services then started spreading to the while world. These are satellite based broadcasting service which happens to be a must in these days. These services are also known in the acronym of DBS. The terms may be different but meanings are same. The innovation had actually started in the heart of Europe. It happened when the highly famed ASTRA 1A had been launched in 1988. It was an era when the planning of satellite based services saw its insurgence. The name of Germany has to be mentioned in this connection. The name of Germany comes to the forefront in connection with SC MAC as well as D MAC.

    You need to be abreast of the vital facts in this regard. Here is what you would like to know on this particular issue. DTH Services happen to introduce the most coveted wonders of the present time. There is absolutely no way that you are going to take these aspects less seriously. Be very careful about them. It is really important for you to be careful of the facts that have been shared over here.

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    Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S3?? Take a look at its Review

    By cooldude | November 10, 2013

    Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the most successful smart phones that have been introduced. It has many unique features that make it one of the favorite choices of many people. This particular model is very light and sleek as compared to the size of the phone which is very surprising. It has a weight of just 133 grams and is only 8.6 mm in thickness.

    The smoothness of this model makes it easier to handle the phone. Their rounds edges are better as compared to the rectangular edges of Samsung Galaxy S2. The camera of this model is almost in equal level as that of the body of the phone unlike its predecessor S2 which had an ugly looking raised lens.

    The back, home and menu buttons are present at the bottom of the screen in which the only home is the physical button while the other two are sensitively touch. The top and the right-hand of the casing have the volume, switch and the lock key. Samsung S3 is mostly available in colors like blue or white but the other colors like red, pink and silver are expected to be launched in future. It has the power to handle most of the games that are available in Google Play. It has very high power in graphics rendering as well as data processing. It is very efficient in displaying HD quality video as opposed against by other handsets like Sony Xperia J or Nokia Lumia 520.

    The battery backup is the major problem with most of the handsets. To tackle this problem Samsung Galaxy S3 has a power saver mode which helps to extract the maximum battery performance through screen brightness, changing background colors, limiting the sound and vibration feedbacks. It has inbuilt storage options of 16GB or 32 GB.

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    Cable Broadband: Merits And Demerits

    By cooldude | October 12, 2013

    The demand for cable broadband among the subscribers all over the world has been increasing at a tremendous pace. If you make use of the cable broadband then the internet data is exchanged by your cable provider. Many companies providing the cable broadband services have come into existence because a majority of the subscribers are interested in these services than the wireless broadband services. This article is going to highlight the merits and demerits of cable broadband so that you can decide whether this broadband is ideal for you or not.

    Merits: The biggest advantage of utilizing the cable broadband services is that it gives you the opportunity to the surf the internet quickly and conveniently because it has an amazing speed. You can watch videos, play games and download large sized documents very expediently if you have a cable broadband connection. Browsing the internet surely becomes a fun experience because you do not have wait for long while the different webpages are loading on your browser. Cable broadband is very cost-effective because the internet plans provided by the cable provider are generally affordable. Plus you can even get hold of a landline and cable TV connection along with the cable broadband connection.

    Demerits: However, the cable broadband is not the perfect technology. During the peak hours, the speed of the cable broadband connection usually decreases and at times this situation is unavoidable. In order to avoid the decrease in the bandwidth speed, you can utilize the premium packages offered by your cable provider. However this will mean that you will have to pay monthly charges which are going to be very costly. Most of the people located in and around your area will be using the same cable broadband service, which means that the broadband connection will remain weak in your area.

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