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    Advantages And disadvantages Of Android Phones

    By Macken | August 27, 2016

    Android phones advantages and disadvantages

    Benefits and drawbacks of android phones

    It is very much essential to know that the android is mobile operating system which is designed on the Linux kernel and now it is being developed by Google. Android is designed for the touch screen devices like smart phones, tablets, specifically designed user interface for Android TV and android enabled vehicles. Android phones are very much prevalent in the market. Most of the people prefer android phones as these are easy to use, avails many advantages and even they are very much compatible with other devices. After the android has been launched in the market, it has a rising graph showing the success of android phones in the market. There are many types of mobile phones which are not very much compatible with other devices. Let’s say most of the market is captured by android phones. Android phones are so much prevalent as it has many advantages to offer but on a contrary it also has many disadvantages. Thus if you are thinking to opt for android phones then you must be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of android phones.

    Advantages of android phones

    Disadvantages of android phones


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