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    Features of Iphone 6s Plus

    By Roger | June 3, 2016

    features of iphone 6s plusIf you want to go for one powerful phone which supplies you with not only the features and the requirements but also with the stylish look with subservient class, than iphone 6s plus is your phone which you cannot miss to go for. We all have the fantasy of using iphone right and just imagine if it is the iphone 6s plus which is the best amongst all that? There are many features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for when you are planning for. No doubt the prices are high but it supports and provides with the best type of features of iphone 6s plus which you have never seen before. Taking from the touch to the clarity and the space issue everything is being taken care by iphone this time.

    This article will help you in getting all the knowledge regarding the features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for. For instance let me help you with some of the examples of the features of ip0hone 6s plus like the live touch, best camera resolution, more ram, etc. and many more of the features of iphone 6s plus which can help you to get more attracted towards it and using it. The further discussion will help you in getting more clear idea about the features of iphone 6s plus which you can go for.

    Features of iphone 6s plus

    Well, in accordance to my knowledge, the live photos features of iphone 6s plus is considered to be one of the most favorite. You can now not only store up your memories but you can see it any time when you want it at the very moment with the help of the live photo feature which is being added to it. Not only that but you can keep it as you wallpaper of your phone and you need to touch up the screen and here you go with the live moment which you have captured earlier.

    As stated that the features of iphone 6s plus which you have got for has come up with many of the options which you can go for exercising it. Now you can enjoy the 3D touch with also the normal touch which is being already present in your iphone. With the help of this feature you can now go for operating in a different manner which you have never did before. You can directly get start up and answer up the contact without opening the application. This feature of iphone 6s plus is very much helpful in saving up your time and getting things done on a faster path.

    How can we forget to enter up for the world famous clarity of the camera which is being provided by iphone. It provides with 12 megapixel isight camera which helps you in capturing the sharp and detailed photos. Not only that but provides you brilliant amount of clarity with all the resolution which increase up your taste towards getting and capturing more and more of your pictures in iphone 6s plus.





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