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    Laptops vs iPad which is better

    By cooldude | January 17, 2013

    Laptops, ipadTo keep up with the ever changing world a regular computer is very necessary for daily activities as well as for entertainment purpose also. As the spell of the time is to go for gadgets which are small and light weight therefore most people are choosing laptops, the tablets, the notebooks. They have now completely dominated the digital world. Most people chose laptops for their convenience but with the sudden coming in of the Apple iPad, it is felt there is a conclusion to the laptop era.

    However both the options have their advantages and disadvantages. To begin with the Apple iPad the most attractive thing about it is battery life. It runs for about 10 hours at a stretch while laptops barely run for 5 hours. The laptops become fade as the battery starts draining while the Ipad have a comparatively brighter display. The Ipad is tailored to meet individual’s needs. There are a whole lot of multimedia facilities. Other than that one can download or upload any interactive file and content. One too can download and watch movies, music, read e-books and even upload photos. But not every laptop has such extensive facilities. These is one characteristic of the laptop with which it will pass with flying color that is its keyboard and the mouse which the iPad is devoid of. Both the gadgets have their pros and cons it depends on the individual’s needs which he wants to purchase.

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